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Sustainability is Woven In

With sustainability in our DNA, Amogie strives to create products that simplify and elevate your experiences, while helping to reduce your environmental impact. With the staggering statistics of the resources consumed & the waste generated by the fashion industry, we knew that we didn't want to contribute to the problem. We knew that we wanted to create products that were not only made to stay out of a landfill, but that also held a smaller carbon footprint altogether. With the launch of our first product - the Toiletry Kit - and many others on the way, we knew we had to find materials that could stand up to heavy use, were water-resistant, and had the elevated look and feel we wanted. After months of research, we found what we had been looking for: Premium Oyster Shell Canvas & durable Recycled Polyester. With these materials, sustainability would literally be woven into our brand.

Oyster Shell Canvas

With superior abrasion resistance, this chemical free & non-toxic fabric is partially made of discarded oyster shells and is not only better-for-the-earth, but is safe for even the most sensitive humans. Enriched with an abundance of ocean minerals, our Oyster Shell canvas has natural anti-odor & antibacterial properties, making it
an ideal material for travel accessories.

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester uses 75% less energy than virgin polyester to produce, with an impressive water savings of 90%! Though it's not the end all solution for a sustainable supply chain, it's a giant step in
the right direction.

Partnering for Change

Amogie is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, which means we donate 1% of our total sales to non-profit organizations who are doing the work to ensure our beautiful home is thriving for future generations.

Our cruelty-free, better-for-the-earth, & thoughtfully designed products will keep you organized so that you can focus on the things that are most important: working hard to play big.